How will you invest in your learning this year? We’ve chosen these shared materials for your department because they inspire us to think about what it means to practice art in different ways.

“Posters for Change” offers 50 tear-out posters created by designers from around the world. “This col- lection of posters is made for — and by — people who want to make their voices heard in a time of unprecedented political activism and resistance.” Maybe they could be used to decorate your classrooms, or to inspire new assignments. (We also love

“Worn Stories” isn’t exactly an art project, but it’s also not not an art project: It collects more than 60 stories about the things we wear, told by famous storytellers. (There’s also an accompanying series on Netflix.) This collection makes us think about art as a thing we experience every day, in ordinary – and beautiful – ways.

Kara Walker: A Black Hole Is Everything a Star Longs to Be offers insight into the creative process of Kara Walker, “one of the most celebrated artists working in the United States today. Primarily recognized for her monumental installations, Walker also works with ink, graphite and collage to create pieces that demonstrate her continued engagement with her own identity as an artist, an African Amer- ican, a woman and a mother.” Walker’s work, as presented here, is highly formal – and also contempo- rary and urgent. How might young people engage with these same questions about identity in their own work?

“I AM Everything Affirmation Cards” are an acknowledgement that while teaching will be tough this year, you already possess the amazing qualities you need to thrive in and beyond your class- room. You can use them with yourself or your young people for affirmation as needed.