How will you invest in your learning this year? We’ve chosen these shared materials for your department because they inspire us to think about what it means to practice music in different ways.

“Something to Food About”
explores creativity through Questlove’s interviews with highly innovative American chefs. He “explores what makes their creativity tick, how they see the world through their cooking and how their cooking teaches them to see the world.” His background as a musician makes these interviews especially interesting, because he ex- plores creativity as a practice that transcends medium.

Tonic is an uncommon way of experimenting with music; it’s less about scales and precision and more about “let’s see what happens.” According to its creator, Tonic “helps open your mind and frees you of the need to sound ‘good.’”

“I AM Everything Affirmation Cards” are an acknowledgement that while teaching will be tough this year, you already possess the amazing qualities you need to thrive in and beyond your class- room. You can use them with yourself or your young people for affirmation as needed.