How will you invest in your learning this year? We’ve chosen these shared materials for your department because they inspire us to think about what it means to “do” math, not just study it.

The “Origami Folding Folder” is a collection of pre-scored auxetic folding patterns that invite us to experiment with the technical life of folds. Designed by Kelli Anderson (, this folder contains eight fold-it-yourself RISO-printed posters . Each features a different folding pattern with mechanical auxetic characteristics. Printed with fluorescent ink, the backs are geometric patterns, while the fronts show custom-drawn type, which deforms-and-collapses according to the planes of the pattern. The text provides folding instructions, as well as the tech uses (and potential) of each pattern.

W.E.B. Du Bois’ Data Portraits: Visualizing Black America

“The colorful charts, graphs, and maps presented at the 1900 Paris Exposition by famed sociologist and black rights activist W. E. B. Du Bois offered a view into the lives of black Americans, conveying a literal and figurative representation of "the color line." From advances in education to the lingering effects of slavery, these prophetic infographics – beautiful in design and powerful in content – make visible a wide spectrum of black experience.”

“The Math Book” invites us to explore foundational mathematical thinking through accessible lan- guage and illustrations. Ranging from the evolution of mathematical thought to the contemporary applications of game theory, this twist on a text book offers stories that contextualize major ideas in the discipline for ordinary people.

“I AM Everything Affirmation Cards” are an acknowledgement that while teaching will be tough this year, you already possess the amazing qualities you need to thrive in and beyond your class- room. You can use them with yourself or your young people for affirmation as needed.